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You need an insurance cover note to get your car out of a police pound. If you cannot afford, or do not wish, to pay for a full year's cover do you have any other options?

Many people try to use a short term car insurance policy, which covers them for a few days, but they are never very happy when they turn up at the pound only to be told that it is not acceptable, after they have paid out good money for it. There is, however, a perfectly legitimate way of only paying for insurance for a short time.

Monthly policies

There is a type of policy on the market called a 'pay as you go' monthly policy. This is almost identical to a normal yearly policy with one crucial difference; instead of committing yourself to keeping it for a year, you only commit yourself to have it for a minimum of one month. Towards the end of that month you are given the option to end the policy and in this case the policy lapses, and unlike with a conventional policy there are no further charges for you to pay. If, however, you decide to keep the policy it will continue to renew monthly up to a maximum of eight months.
Once you have bought one of these policies you receive a conventional cover note which, at least up to now, has been perfectly acceptable for getting your car out of a police pound.

Yearly policies

Alternatively you could buy a standard yearly policy if you intend to keep the car for any length of time. Just click on the 'Standard Policies' link in the sidebar for a quotation.

It is vital that you collect your car within 14 days of it being impounded, otherwise you may well find that it is now in a scrapyard, crushed into a small cube. When you buy your insurance policy you have to wait for a short while for the cover note to arrive by post, so if you are getting close to the deadline it is important that you communicate with the people at the pound to let them know that you have insurance on the way.

Once you have received your insurance policy you can then give notice that you do not wish to renew it (this is quite easy and you are sent full details on how to do it) and cover will expire at the end of one month from the day that it commenced.

Getting your car back means that at least you could have the option of selling it; unless it was in absolutely awful condition it should fetch far more than the insurance policy cost you, and, if you buy a monthly policy, with luck you should have it sold before the policy expired.
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