How your seized car can be collected by someone else

If you are unable to drive the car away from the pound yourself, perhaps because of problems with your licence or insurance, it may be possible to nominate a friend to do this for you. First of all, however, you would need to attend the pound in person and produce the documentation detailed on the previous page. If your nominated driver is with you, all well and good; he or she will need to produce a current full driving licence and evidence of insurance cover. Please remember that a standard policy which covers drivers for vehicles which do not belong to them almost invariably state that the policy cannot be used for recovering a vehicle from a pound; and so this person is almost certainly likely to have to get a policy from a broker who specialises in this type of business. If your nominated driver is going to collect the car later, this person must bring along the following additional documents:

1) a signed letter of authority from you
2) a copy of a valid document containing your signature, such as your passport or driving licence. Some authorities may require to see the original document, not a copy
3) a current driving licence and, perhaps, proof of their own identity

You're nominated driver will then have to pay all accumulated fees up to date, before being able to take the vehicle away.

If you are unable to find a friend who can collect the vehicle for you, you may be able to arrange for it to be collected by a specialist vehicle recovery company. You cannot, however, just ask anyone with a vehicle transporter to do this for you. Vehicle recovery is a very specialised business which is rigidly regulated, and costs may be relatively high. You must, of course, balance this against the cost of losing your vehicle completely, if this is likely to be the end result.

Please remember that these are general guidelines only. The exact procedure may vary slightly from one police authority to another.

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