Insure your impounded car now!

You need an insurance cover note to get your car out of a police pound. If you cannot afford, or do not wish, to pay for a full year's cover do you have any other options?

Many people try to use a short term (1-28 days) insurance policy, but they are never very happy when they turn up at the pound only to be told that it is not acceptable, after they have paid out good money for it. There is, however, a perfectly legitimate way of only paying for insurance for a short time.

One Month policies

The absolute minimum insurance period that the authorities will accept is 30 days. Policies are available which can cover you for third party risks only, which is again the bare legal minimum. A policy like this could be the answer if money is tight and you just want to get your motor back so that you can sell it or store it for a while.

Yearly policies

Alternatively you could buy a standard yearly policy if you intend to keep the vehicle for any length of time. As you've probably found out already, the vast majority of insurers refuse to quote for a policy on a vehicle which is in a police pound, and most policies contain a condition that they can't be used for releasing a car which has been seized, so there is no point in trying to get a friend who's insured for any vehicle to drive it away for you either. There are a few insurers with a more enlightened attitude however, but you will need to talk to an experienced broker to find the right one for you.

Paying monthly

An advantage of having a yearly policy is that you may be able to pay for it monthly. Depending on your own insurance profile the initial payment may be cheaper than buying a 30 day policy; you need to get a quote to find out.

Act quickly!

If you don't get your car back within 14 days it will be disposed of. About 25% of impounded cars are either crushed for scrap or sold at auction. Any money realised goes into central funds and the owner gets nothing back.

If your vehicle was disposed of in this way you would be left with no personal transport but still, possibly, hire purchase payments to be made on it. You would still be liable, too, for the towing and storage fees, as well as the disposal cost.

Getting it back means that at least you could have the option of selling it; unless it was in absolutely awful condition it should fetch far more than the insurance policy cost you. It would save you paying the disposal fee too.

Ring now: 0808 264 0860 for a fast quote on an insurance policy!

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